NCAA Draft Cheat Sheet


NCAA tournament fantasy drafts are the hot new fantasy game that take March Madness to the next level. Tournament bracket pools have been around for decades and are still very popular. However, College basketball fantasy drafts have been around for more than 10 years but have started to gain more visibility and participation within the last few years.

NCAA Fantasy Drafts differ from other fantasy sports in that the entire event is condensed to the three weeks over which the NCAA tournament takes place. Furthermore, a usable ranking list of players cannot be constructed until the pairings are announced. This leaves NCAA Fantasy Draft participants 1-2 days to put together the necessary tools needed to be prepared for the draft.

Let us do the research for you, and save you hours of research. We have been participating in NCAA Fantasy Drafts since the late 1990s and we have a ranking methodology that has been tweaked over time and proven to be successful.

We will provide our NCAA Draft Cheat Sheets here for download beginning the day before March madness tip off.

Our NCAA Draft Cheat Sheet package will contain a ranking of the top 200 Player in "Points Only Format"

Our Proprietary NCAA Draft Cheat Sheet costs just $10.99. You can make your purchase at any time.  The cheat sheet will be sent to you via email attachment by the morning after Selection Sunday.


If you are considering participating in a NCAA tournament fantasy draft you should download our 2014 "cheat sheet of player rankings. It will save you hours of research creating your own ranking list even if you are a veteran of these drafts.



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